Which of the three main European Space Agency projects will launch in 2018?

This year marks the first time that the European Space Operations Centre (Esa) has put a contract into service for a European project that could provide a critical boost to ESA’s efforts in the coming years.

ESA is keen to find new markets for its European projects, and the €1.4 billion ($1.6 billion) contract to build a space weather observatory and instrument for the European Navigation Satellite System (ENSO) has been a key element in this.ESA has already awarded contracts for two of its projects, which have been awarded to its ETS group.

The first of the two satellites is expected to launch in 2022, and will be capable of measuring the Earth’s temperature, wind and humidity.

The other, the Earth System Orbiter (ESO), is due to be launched in 2020, with an operational lifetime of seven years.ESA says the first of its new satellites will be able to measure the Earths air pressure and the Sun’s radiation.

ESA has also been awarded a contract to design a new radar system that will be used to help measure the position of the Moon’s poles and to measure Earths magnetic field.ESA’s new mission to the Moon, the Trace Gas Orbiter, is expected in 2019.

This satellite is designed to be capable, in the early 2020s, of measuring both the Moon and the Earth, with a maximum orbit of around 50 kilometres.ESA will also be launching a new probe, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, to Mars in 2021.

This probe is designed, in part, to be able, in 2021, to send samples back to Earth for analysis.ESA also has a contract for a mission to explore the atmospheres of Jupiter’s moons.

ESA says it will launch this mission in 2021 and then a new mission in 2022.

This contract is worth about €500 million, but ESA is confident that it can deliver on its promises.ESA was able to secure this contract by raising money through the European Research Council (ERC) program.

The European Space Program (ESP), the EU’s flagship program, has grown significantly over the last decade, with €2.7 billion ($2.9 billion) in funding for the 2019 budget.

The ESA program is designed so that the money is available for an annual budget of €1 billion, and that the funds will be shared equally between all ESA member states.

This year’s budget has been targeted to bring in €3.3 billion ($3.6 million) for the next five years.

The programme is funded by two EU member states, the UK and Germany.

The next round of the ESP will be funded by a €1 million grant to the UK, which has also committed to a €500,000 ($550,000) grant to Germany.

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