When Do You Want To Measure Your Body Temperature? 5:50

“This is a big question, and it is a question that’s always been debated,” says Dr. Mark Bogaerts, a researcher with the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Population Health and Environment.

“But now we have some information that suggests it can be quite simple to do.”

In this video, a participant holds up a digital temperature sensor.

The device measures the temperature of a person’s body via a thermistor.

Bogaercats his body temperature and the device sends the data back to him.

This video is from the Discovery Channel.

(Published Monday, Sept. 23, 2018)Bogaert is a scientist and researcher at the University at Buffalo’s Centre of Excellence for Human Health.

He has been studying how to make this kind of device for about 15 years, using some of the same methods that scientists use to measure the temperature and blood pressure of humans.

The idea of using a thermometer is relatively simple: a device can be attached to a skin, placed on a person, and the user can adjust the temperature.

But this is where the science gets a little bit tricky.

The ThermoFon device measures body temperature using a thermostat, which measures the ambient temperature.

It measures the body temperature by attaching a thermocouple to a surface.

The temperature sensors are connected to the thermostatic device and are attached to the body’s surface.

Bogleert says that a person will need to wear gloves while they measure their body temperature.

The sensors on the Thermo Fon device measure body temperature in two ways.

The first method measures body surface temperature.

The second method measures the amount of energy in a person.

Both methods can be used.

The Thermo Flon device is attached to body temperature sensors, and uses a thermomechanical measurement device called a thermographic (a term referring to a thermograph).

The Thermometer for the Thermometers: The ThermomechanicsBogaercat has worked on a device called the ThermaFon, which uses a thermechanical measuring device called Thermogram.

It is used by the United States National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health to monitor the workplace.

Bocaerts says the ThermeFon is a good example of the technology that he is working on.

“The Therma Fon is one of the most interesting thermometer applications that I’ve worked on.

It’s a very good example because it’s a device that is a mechanical measurement device that has an embedded thermometer,” he says.”

There’s a lot of work that goes into designing these things, but one of those things is that you need to be able to control the device to the extent that you can.”

Bogaerts’ work has also been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense.

Bogaert’s team has created a prototype that is similar to the Thermoplastie, a device developed in Australia that can measure body heat.

He says the technology has been used in a number of applications including the device used to measure heat from a fireplace to an oven.

The prototype, called the Heat Stove, is made of a thin metal and uses an electrical power source to heat the metal.

Bogan is also working on another thermostats that is based on the concept of using thermometers to measure body surface temperatures.

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