The most expensive and most useful of Israel’s surveillance tools

An Israeli-made vertical measuring device is being widely used in the country’s prisons, a development that could make it a crucial tool in its fight against illegal infiltrations.

The Knesset is expected to approve the measure this week, paving the way for it to be implemented by the Israeli army.

The device is part of a system of sensors and cameras installed by the IDF in the occupied West Bank that have become the world’s most powerful surveillance tools.

The device measures vertical movements by measuring the time between objects moving in the air.

It has a range of up to 10 meters, and is also used to detect objects hidden behind objects.

The devices are installed in the military and in civilian institutions.

The Israeli military has long sought to make its soldiers feel more secure and capable by installing sensors that are mounted on military vehicles and even mounted on buildings.

In addition to the vertical sensors, the Israeli Defense Force uses the devices to monitor the movements of soldiers and their associates in public places and to search for suspicious people.

The IDF has also deployed the devices on private property, as part of its anti-terror operations.

The vertical sensors are made by a company called Rishon Lezion, and they are used by the Israel Defense Forces, which owns the equipment.

The cameras are operated by a civilian company, Elbit Systems.

The company’s CEO, Yehuda Avram, told the Haaretz newspaper last month that the company has developed and tested several new products, including the vertical tracking cameras.

The cameras have been used to catch people who have fled Israeli prisons, and the IDF is using them to find suspects who have gone to Syria and Iraq.

It also monitors people who go to the West Bank, where the Israeli occupation has imposed restrictions.

The Israeli army is known to use the vertical surveillance system for years, and it has been used in various cases against Palestinians.

In one of the cases, soldiers captured a Palestinian who had fled an Israeli prison.

The soldiers shot him in the head after he refused to give them his passport.

In another case, soldiers were reported to have used the system to catch a Palestinian suspected of setting fire to a house, which killed one person.

Last year, the army released videos of soldiers using the system against Palestinians in the West, including a young Palestinian boy who was shot in the leg by soldiers.

The boy had been throwing stones at soldiers and other settlers when he was shot.

The video went viral and led to protests against the use of the system by the army.

Last week, the government decided to start a public discussion about the use and abuse of the vertical sensor system in the Israeli military.

In the past year, a number of soldiers have been arrested for using it against Palestinians, and other activists have protested against the military using the devices.

A senior army official, Lt.

Col. Roni Alsheich, said that the use in the current situation was limited to “special cases.”

“The current situation requires us to be cautious and to monitor all these movements to ensure that we are not violating the rights of the prisoners,” he said.

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