What’s up with this water pollution?

The UK has been hit by record levels of pollution from a massive algae bloom in the Atlantic Ocean, and experts are now calling for a global response.

The algae bloom has left tens of thousands of fish and other marine life dead in the region, and researchers are calling for more international collaboration in the effort to contain the damage.

The bloom, which scientists have linked to an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is a sign that we’re at the beginning of the “Green Climate War,” as it’s expected to increase temperatures globally.

The European Commission has set up an emergency taskforce to investigate how to reduce the damage, while scientists are also working with local governments to identify ways to mitigate the damage before it reaches critical mass.

“The first time this happened we had a couple of days in which we were able to take stock of what we had done and what we were going to do, but we were also very surprised that this time we have been able to do more than we expected,” said David Pemberton, a senior scientist at the Royal Society of Chemistry and a lead author of the study.

“It’s the first time we’ve been able in a long time to see a number of people involved.”

Scientists are also studying how the algae bloom can affect marine ecosystems.

One of the most promising ways to deal with the problem is to reduce pollution from land, which can help mitigate the environmental damage caused by the bloom.

But for scientists in the UK, that means looking for ways to tackle pollution on the water.

For instance, some marine scientists have been trying to figure out how to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

There is also the possibility of using water treatment systems, which would be an alternative to the use of large industrial or industrial-scale technologies to deal the damage caused to fish and marine life.

But Pembertons team thinks the most effective way to deal is to get global cooperation in addressing the pollution problem.

“If we don’t get a global approach, we’re going to have to try and find ways to try to do it on the local scale and also locally,” he said.

“We need to get this done in an international way, and we need to work with people in different parts of the world.”

In the meantime, it’s a bit scary to think of the effects of this pollution on fish and coral reefs, but that’s exactly what’s happening in the Pacific Ocean.

In 2015, scientists in Japan and China began monitoring carbon dioxide levels in the water in the East China Sea.

They found that the levels of carbon dioxide had jumped from about 1.3 parts per million to 3.3 ppm in the year.

The carbon dioxide level rose so much that scientists concluded the region was on track to hit a CO2 level that is 10 times greater than what scientists thought would be allowed.

But that was just the beginning.

In the next few years, scientists also discovered that the algae had taken over coral reefs in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the algae blooms have already killed more than 6,000 coral reefs since 2015, killing at least 9,000 animals.

Scientists also found that pollution from oil drilling and the use by ships of large amounts of plastic have contributed to the algae.

The new research is an example of how we can reduce the amount of carbon pollution in the oceans.

If we want to reduce CO2 emissions and fight climate change, we need the ability to reduce carbon pollution on land, and to get the global community to agree to this, said Pemberons team.

“This is one of the big lessons from this study,” he added.

“It shows us that if we’re serious about tackling climate change we need a global solution, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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