Why you need a tide gauge

In a drought, a storm or other weather event, people need to know the length of the water flowing across their property and the direction of the flow.

That information is usually measured by a tide measurement instrument.

But it is difficult to get precise information from these instruments.

So researchers at the University of Minnesota are looking to the tide to do it.

Their team has developed a new device that they say can measure the length and direction of water flowing in a rain-soaked environment.

A tide gauge in the water Source: University of MN/Shutterstock The tide gauge is an extension of a water gauge that the University Of Minnesota created about five years ago.

The project team developed the device using a technique called differential geometry and found it worked well for measuring the length, or water depth, of water in a stormy environment.

They said it’s particularly useful for predicting the direction and speed of rain and snow, which can be hard to measure.

The team also said the device has a very high accuracy for measuring water depth and the rate at which it flows.

In addition, the instrument is small and inexpensive, which helps it work in a wide variety of weather conditions.

The device was developed as part of a research project, which is led by graduate student Scott D. Brown, and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

They have submitted the device to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science for review.

The device works by measuring the water depth at the surface of the ocean with a camera that uses infrared radiation to detect light.

The camera then calculates how much water has flowed in a specific direction and the time since that direction was observed.

The water depth is then compared with a standard measurement of water depth that is used to determine the depth at which water has moved in a particular direction.

The measurement can be done using a simple digital computer or an onboard tide gauge.

The researchers said that because the device works well in a flooded environment, it can be used in many other situations where measurements are not available.

For example, in an ocean-drought situation, the camera can measure rainfall, as well as storm water and sediment that may be in the same location.

For these measurements, the device will also be able to tell you how long the water has been in the area.

Brown said the water gauge can be useful in areas that are difficult to measure, like coastal areas.

But he added that the device also can be adapted to different types of weather, such as flooding.

For instance, in the stormy weather, rain can cause water to flow faster than the camera detects.

Brown said that the researchers will be looking at whether the new device will be useful for measuring precipitation in a future storm or for measuring snowfall.

He said the next step for the team is to develop a device that can be easily used to measure storm water in flooded areas.

The research was published in the journal Science Advances.

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