The first official photos of Jerusalem’s West Bank, as captured by the first official cameras in Jerusalem city center, can be seen from a new mobile app

The first photos of the West Bank city of Jerusalem can be found in a new app, which the city’s mayor announced on Wednesday.

The images are the first images of the city taken by the citywide cameras.

They show Jerusalem’s Old City and Old City Cemetery and the Palestinian neighborhoods of Bethlehem, Nablus, and Jenin.

The new app is called “Dawn.”

It allows users to select a location from an area and select a panorama.

In a video that accompanied the app announcement, a Palestinian man can be heard saying, “You are going to see the city of Bethlehem.”

The video shows the cityscape as the city skyline rises above the city.

A caption in the app says: “This is Jerusalem from the city that never sleeps.”

A picture on the app indicates the size of the app: 16 megapixels.

The app has also been launched on the Apple App Store.

The photos have been released to the public.

Jerusalem City Hall has released a statement on the matter: “The images in the new app are of the historic city of the Old City, as seen from the highest point in Jerusalem’s skyline, with the entire city of Judea and Samaria on one side and the city wall, the Old Wall, on the other.

It shows the Old and the New Jerusalem.”

The images were taken with the Jerusalem Camera 2 camera system, which has been installed in Jerusalem City Center, according to a statement released by the Jerusalem Public Information Office.

The Jerusalem Camera system was installed in the Old city in 2013.

The Jerusalem Camera has been in operation since 2014.

In 2014, the Jerusalem City Council approved plans for the installation of the cameras at the Old Port of Jerusalem.

The Old Port, located on the western side of the old city, was constructed in 1783 as a military port to facilitate military shipments of goods between the city and the sea.

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