‘Curious’ the world is measuring earth’s pressure, says Nasa scientist

NASA has discovered that a giant magnetometer is collecting data about the Earth’s magnetic field. 

The probe, which is known as MOM, is the first magnetometer to measure Earth’s magnetism and also the largest of its kind ever built. 

Its measurements are the first to show how the Earth is moving, and they show the earth’s magnetic fields have changed over time. 

It is a new finding that shows the magnetic field is evolving with time, and is not static.

“What we are doing here is we are recording how much magnetic force is produced by a magnet,” says MOM project scientist Michael Besser.

“This is very useful for predicting future geomagnetic activity.”

We know that there is a lot of magnetic energy going on in the Earth, but how much?

How much does the Earth have to be moving around?

“In the past, we thought the Earth had to be spinning, but MOM shows that the Earth actually moves.”

That’s the kind of thing that makes me really excited.

“The Earth is constantly changing, it’s changing from its very core to its poles, from its equator to its polar caps.”

The magnetometer was built by researchers from the University of Arizona and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

It will be placed at the end of a cable across the US and Mexico to be monitored by satellites.

It is expected to remain in operation until 2031.NASA has already deployed its largest and most powerful magnetometer, the James Webb Space Telescope, to space.MOM’s measurements are part of a wider programme of measurements being made of the magnetic environment of the Earth.

It has been designed to measure the magnetic fields that are produced in the atmosphere, on the ground and on spacecraft. 

MOM was built for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, by a team led by Dr Daniel Auerbach. 

They say it is the largest magnetometer ever built at that time.

“It is the only magnetometer that will measure magnetic fields generated by the Sun and the Earth in the same location,” Dr Bessers said.

“When you think of magnetometers, they are very sensitive instruments, but we are measuring the magnetic force on Earth.”MOM measures the amount of force generated by magnetic fields.

The magnet is attached to a cable and is fitted with an electronic sensor.

The probe is attached in an arm and the arm is connected to the earth using an antenna that measures the position of the earth.

The arm is designed to detect and measure Earth-bound magnetic field strengths, and the antenna will also measure the earth-bound position of magnetic field sources.

Moms measurement of the sun and the magnet will also provide clues about the geomagnetism of the planet.

Mom will be monitored at the Jet Propulsberrios Magnetometer in Pasadena for at least the next six years.

Moming down to the EarthIn September 2016, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) announced a grant to build and operate a new magnetometer capable of measuring the magnetosphere. 

“This project is critical to understanding how our planet is changing as it moves around the Sun,” said Nels Beckman, NSF’s acting director of the Magnetosphere and Space Instrument Directorate.”MOM is an important instrument because it is able to measure changes in the earth and magnetosphere and will help us understand the way that the magnetospheric boundary is changing.”

In addition, it will provide us with an insight into how geomagnets are changing.

“The Magnetosphere Instrument Directorate at the Goddard Spaceflight Center is part of NASA’s Magnetosphere Program.

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