Researchers find link between climate change and higher-than-average temperatures in Florida

An analysis of temperature records at the Florida Keys National Park has found an increased frequency of extreme events.

The research team, led by researchers at the University of Florida, analyzed the temperature records for the past 50 years at the park, which includes Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

The data showed a pattern of higher temperatures on days when the temperature was more than average, the team said in the journal Nature Climate Change.

This pattern is also observed in other places in the country, such as California and Arizona, the researchers wrote.

“Our results show a consistent increase in the frequency of these extreme events at higher latitudes, particularly at the highest elevations,” said the lead author, Dr. Daniel Kretzmann, a climate researcher at the university.

“The climate-change hiatus is becoming more apparent and will likely become more pronounced over the coming decades.”

The researchers also found that this increased frequency was also observed when the climate was warmer.

They say that’s because this warmer weather can help cool the air and increase the moisture in the air.

It’s not clear what caused the warmer weather, Kretzy said.

He noted that it’s possible the heat from wildfires and other natural events was the cause.

However, he said there was no evidence to support this.

Scientists don’t know why extreme weather is happening, but there are some hypotheses, said lead author Michael Mann, a meteorologist at Penn State University in the United States.

They include changes in the planet’s magnetic field, climate change, and possibly increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, he told ABC News.

“We’re starting to see evidence of these interactions happening in climate change,” Mann said.

Researchers have found that heat waves and extreme weather events in recent years have been increasing in frequency, with some happening twice as often as others.

However there is no way to know exactly why some events have increased in frequency.

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