The cost of the land measuring equipment

The cost and the benefits of measuring land on the Australian continent are well established and the results of an analysis of the cost of measuring the continent are now in for review by the Department of the Environment, Forestry and Water Resources.

The Department said the assessment will focus on how much of the costs associated with measuring land are due to direct costs and how much are due in the form of indirect costs, which include costs of maintaining the land.

The department said the costs of land measuring have been falling over the last two decades and it is essential that those costs are recognised in future planning.

“We’re now reviewing what the cost is of land measurement in Australia, what is its benefit and what the impact is, to determine if it’s a cost worth being charged,” Assistant Director of Planning at the Department’s National Land Survey, Peter Moulton, said.

“Our analysis will look at the direct costs associated and indirect costs associated to the construction, maintenance and operation of land measurements.”

As land measurement becomes a part of national infrastructure projects, it is important to ensure that costs are appropriately managed and assessed to avoid unnecessary costs, to protect the environment and to maximise the benefits to the economy.

“Land surveying, land surveying and land management, land management and management of land, land survey and survey of land: What’s the cost?

Costs incurred by the construction of a land surveyor’s station and other land management activities are not included in the analysis because they are not directly related to the development or operation of the site.

Land surveyors’ station and land surveys in remote locations such as in New South Wales and Victoria are not covered by this cost analysis.

The cost of a range of land surveiling activities and land acquisition, including land surveys and land surveyors, is also not included.”

This cost is an indicator of the direct and indirect benefits that can be gained by the use of land surveys,” Mr Moulson said.

He said it was important that cost estimates and analysis were transparent and that all costs associated were publicly available.”

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resource has a wide range of information available on costs of surveying of land for use in land management programs, and we make it available online at,” he said.

Land surveilling costs have fallen over the past two decadesSource: Australian Bureau of StatisticsWhat’s the impact?

The Department also noted that a survey of the Australian landscape, known as landscape surveying , is also important for environmental management.

It has a range the value of about $1.5 million, with more than a quarter of the survey cost going to support land acquisition.

The other quarter of cost is related to land acquisition for irrigation projects.

The study is expected to provide information for planning and environmental assessments for land management projects.”

It will provide information on the direct cost of surveiling, including indirect costs such as land acquisition costs, land acquisition expenses and costs of developing and maintaining land survey stations, and cost estimates for land acquisition and acquisition costs,” Mr Gombert said.


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