How to measure integrity in your home

A new technology is enabling home inspection and testing.

CBS News got the chance to speak with the chief engineer of the technology behind the tool.

This is the first time we’re able to share that information in a way that we’re actually able to make it accessible to you,” said Steve Wohlt, the vice president of engineering for the home inspection testing system.

A system called the integrity testing system (ITS) is an extension of the home inspector certification process.

In the certification process, you need to prove to a home inspector that you can safely and effectively perform a home inspection.

The ITS allows inspectors to do home inspections without having to worry about someone else performing the inspection.

ITS can detect and detect faults in homes in a range of locations, from kitchen cabinets and appliances to sinks and electrical wiring.

“This is a big deal for our industry.” “

We’re building a new system that is a suite of tools that we can put in our homes to help us do home inspection, and it will allow us to do this for a whole host of different things that we want to do in our home,” he said.

“This is a big deal for our industry.”

The technology is called the Integrity Testing System, or ITS.

Here’s how it works.

When a home has a problem, the ITS sends out an alert to the inspector that indicates the problem is significant.

This alerts the inspector to the fact that the inspector needs to take action, and that action may include: removing the problem, fixing the problem and/or inspecting the home.

The inspector then reviews the home to determine whether it meets the standards set by the home code.

If it does not meet the standards, the inspector can report it to the code enforcement officer.

If a code enforcement agency is notified, they take action against the home, and the home is inspected again.

If the inspector doesn’t find the problem or is unable to fix it, the home will be subject to a code violation.

Wahlt said the new technology will be used in every home and that the system will be able to detect a wide range of problems.

“What this means is, the ITS system can detect faults that could potentially cause problems for the safety of the occupants of a home,” said Wohrt.

“The inspector can look at the home and look at their surroundings, the plumbing, and they will be looking for a problem.”

The system will also be able see and detect structural problems in homes, such as missing electrical wiring, cracked floors and cracks in the foundation.

“If we can identify and fix these types of problems, the system can help us identify a number of issues in our buildings that would otherwise be unrecoverable,” said Andrew Pachter, vice president for consumer solutions and engineering for GE Power.

The technology will also have the ability to test and analyze the integrity of the homes plumbing, ventilation, electrical wiring and other components.

GE Power says it is looking to integrate this new system into the existing inspection process so that it can be used across the entire home inspection process.

GE says it will be launching a pilot program in 2016 to test the system in other states and see how well it works in other markets.

The system is currently being tested at a home in the Chicago area.

The pilot program will be expanded in the next two years to allow the system to be used at other locations.

GE has also partnered with Home Depot to provide testing in Chicago.

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