How to get an ‘indicator of air quality’ on your phone

The EPA says its new air quality indicators can help people understand how their own air is being affected by pollution, and how to measure it.

The indicators are a “mobile version” of a device called an Indicator of Air Quality (IoAQ), which the EPA said was designed to provide a simple, user-friendly way to identify a range of air pollutants.

The agency said in a press release that the device is an easy way to tell the difference between the “true” levels of air pollution and other pollutants.

It will cost about $50. 

The EPA’s Iozabook device works with the EPA’s COVID-19 Indicator tool.

The EPA is rolling out more of the devices, and they can be purchased in stores and online.

Iozabooks can detect COVIDs and other air pollutants, but the devices can’t tell you how much of them are coming from a specific source, such as the power plant or a factory.

That’s why the devices are being made for people who want to measure the pollution.

But in addition to that, the Iozobooks will also show the level of ozone pollution, sulfur dioxide pollution, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and so on.

“The Iozoobooks are designed to be portable, easy to use, and have an intuitive interface,” said Lisa Kuehn, a product manager at the EPA, in a statement.

“People can use the devices to check their indoor air quality and to measure pollution levels from any source.

Iozoboooks can be used to measure indoor air pollution at home, at work, and at other locations.”

The devices are intended to help people with health conditions that may not be obvious to the average person, such in their ability to detect pollution in the air, or to tell if it is coming from their home, said MaryAnn Schulz, an assistant professor of environmental science and engineering at the University of Minnesota, who was not involved in the development of the IsoAQ.

A user can choose from a wide range of sensors, ranging from standard gauge to digital devices, that are made of glass, metal, or ceramic, or other materials.

They can be installed on devices that are connected to a smartphone or tablet.

When you put the device on, it tells you the level in grams per cubic meter, or grams per square meter, of air.

When you look up in your phone’s map, the meter at the top of the screen tells you how far away the sensor is from you, and where the sensor starts and ends.

The device can also tell you the distance from the sensor to a point where it has a sensor that is more sensitive.

The devices can be worn on the arm or worn on a collar, and users can also wear them under clothing to monitor their exposure.

For instance, if you have a temperature monitor that measures a temperature on your arm, the device can tell you when you’re exposed to an elevated temperature, or when you have an elevated body temperature.

The devices can also measure pollution from your clothes or from other sources.

Isoabooks are also designed to detect particulate air pollution.

The air that comes out of a car is usually made of carbon monoxy, but if the air comes in from a power plant, the air that will get into your lungs will be made up of nitrogen oxides, or NOx.

NOx is more toxic than CO, and it can cause lung damage, such that people can develop a range to respiratory diseases.

So if you’re a smoker, for example, you could be at increased risk of developing lung cancer.

To use the device, you just hold it over the top and hold down the power button.

When the device detects COVID, it will tell you if there’s a higher or lower level of the pollutant in your breath.

If the level is higher, it means there’s more of it.

If it’s lower, it indicates that it’s coming from something that’s more likely to be coming from the power source.

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