Why are women so much less intelligent than men?

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that female college students tend to score higher on intelligence tests.

It’s true.

The most recent U.S. College Board data suggests that among high school seniors, women score on average on average 1.1 points higher than men, with men scoring 1.8 points higher.

This gender gap may be driven in part by the way that colleges teach math, and it’s not hard to see why: A female student is more likely to be taught by an administrator who knows math.

And while women often receive more credit for academic success, they’re less likely to earn college scholarships.

The gender gap also may be partly attributable to the way women are viewed as “more capable,” with the implication that they deserve more credit.

For the past decade, research has shown that women are much less likely than men to take the SAT, the most prestigious test in college admissions.

And this year, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that women scored lower on the SAT than men did.

And the more men and women take the test, the more likely they are to fail it.

For decades, women have been told that their performance is largely the result of their brains, but recent research suggests that this is far from the truth.

Here are some of the major findings of a new study by the University of British Columbia that examines the role that women play in academic achievement.


College students’ performance on the GRE and SAT are almost exactly equal.

The test itself is not inherently biased.

It is an assessment of verbal and quantitative skills.

But the test’s questions and answer format reflect the thinking of an increasingly complex society.

In general, college students take about 50% of the time to complete the test.

In the years before the SAT was invented, a student typically took less than 10% of his or her time.

Now, the average student takes about 10% on the test—a difference of about 10 minutes.

This is an improvement over previous years, when the average time taken to complete a test was typically around 20 minutes.

But in recent years, the gap has narrowed considerably.

Since 1999, SAT scores have improved by 2% a year, and GRE scores have increased by 3% a decade.

Women have scored higher on the ACT, which measures verbal and mathematical skills.

In 1999, women took 33% of their time on the standardized test.

By 2014, they took 38% of that time.

Women on the LSAT, a subtests of mathematics and verbal reasoning, have also improved, with women taking 38% more time than men in the past five years.

In both tests, men and men have been faster than women on average to complete an essay.

Women are now more likely than their male peers to finish an essay that takes them three weeks to complete.

And a 2013 study of SAT scores by Harvard and the University at Buffalo showed that men took an average of 5 minutes longer to answer the questions than women.

These numbers show a trend: As more women enter the workforce and the economy becomes more complex, the amount of time students are taking the test has increased.


Women score much lower on a variety of cognitive skills.

Cognitive abilities are defined as abilities that help us understand the world and the world around us.

Women typically score lower on cognitive abilities like reasoning, memory, and spatial ability.

The SAT, for instance, includes more math questions and answers than any other test ever.

A 2014 study published by Harvard found that men on average took 4 minutes longer than women to complete math problems.

The gap between men and woman on the IQ tests has also widened.

A 2015 study published on the website of the University and State University of New York found that on the Intelligence Quotient, which assesses cognitive ability, men are about 5% faster than they were in 2000.

This difference was driven by a shift in how the test is administered.

The IQ test was once a standard test for high school students.

Now it’s used by many college admissions officers to screen applicants for admission.

And as a result, the number of questions on the intelligence quotient has increased dramatically over the past two decades.

Now there are more questions than ever, with a wide variety of questions that assess different aspects of intelligence.

This means that, for example, an applicant’s ability to solve a math problem may have a greater impact on the validity of their application than whether they’re good at reading.


College women have a larger gap between how much they’re paid and how much men are paid.

In 2016, women earned 74% of what men earned.

This wage gap is higher for college graduates than for students who dropped out of school.

While it’s important to acknowledge that women do have the power to make a difference in college, it’s also important to remember that the pay gap is mostly driven by how much women earn than men.

A 2013 study published at the journal Sociology of

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