Wind measuring instruments at B.C. coast: How to know the wind’s speed and direction with your phone?

The coast of British Columbia is known for its high winds and frequent waves.

But if you’re looking for the wind direction, you’ll have to get on a boat to look.

On Thursday, the coast of B.S. Coast Guard Station 2 began using a new device to measure the wind speed and wave heights on the coast.

The instrument is called a wind measuring device (WMD), which is a handheld wind measurement device that measures the wind from the ground.

The device can measure wind speeds up to 2,000 kilometres per hour, as well as wind heights up to 8 metres.

The WMD measures the height of wind and waves in real time, so that it can determine when the waves are coming.

“We’ve been measuring these waves at the same time as the wind, so we know what the waves and wind are doing,” said Chris Condon, the Coast Guard station manager.

In addition to measuring the wind and wave height, the WMD can also measure speed, direction and direction of the waves.

Condon said the W MD will be used in a similar way to the wind meters found on the side of ships.

The W MD is an improved version of a standard wind measuring machine that is used on ships and boats in B.A. The old WMD is not as accurate as the newer one, and it can only measure wind speed, not waves.

It’s important to know which gauge you’re measuring from, as the old device would not give you information on the wave height.

The new WMD will be able to measure wind, wave and direction from sea level.

Condon said it will be an excellent way to measure tide and tides.

It’s a great way to get a sense of how the waves might be coming up the coast, as you can’t see the waves directly, he said.

“It will be interesting to see what the wave heights will be.”

The Coast Guard has had the new W MD for a year and a half, and is hoping to use it in the coming months to measure waves in the Strait of Georgia.

Last week, Condon told CBC News he was excited to see how the new instrument would perform.

“I’ve been testing it with my son, and we’ve done a lot of testing, and now we’re going to see if it can be useful,” he said, adding that he’s hopeful that the device will help determine if waves are moving higher up the Strait.

“What’s going to be the impact on the ocean and how much is going to change?

That’s going, and what is going on at the shore?”

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