The first-ever ‘lens’ sensor to measure the wind from the sky, in the sky

A team of researchers at McGill University have created the world’s first wind-borne wind-tracking instrument.

Their work is published in the journal Nature Communications.

The team, led by Professor David J. Schoenfeld, used a “lens” instrument to measure wind speed, direction and direction of wind, along with a small wind gauge in a large balloon.

This instrument measures the speed and direction and velocity of wind in the atmosphere.

In addition, the instrument also measures the amount of sunlight reflecting off the cloud tops and clouds and the size of the clouds.

In their research, the researchers demonstrated that they can measure wind velocity, direction, and direction at high altitude with very little cost and accuracy compared to other methods.

In fact, they can estimate the wind speed for a short distance at about 30 meters (98 feet).

It is estimated that at this distance, the wind will reach temperatures in the range of 20-30°C.

The researchers say this is a big step forward in wind measurement, as it will allow us to better understand the Earth’s climate, and even predict the future.

“We are now able to measure and measure wind speeds, which will provide us with insights into the future climate,” says Schoenfield.

“By using this information we can predict the climate at the level of the atmosphere, as well as its climate response to greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide.”

Wind measurement is extremely important in climate research.

Wind speed is the primary driver of weather, climate, precipitation and other physical processes.

It is a critical part of our understanding of weather and climate, because the amount and intensity of the wind varies with different weather conditions.

The study, “Lens-tracking Wind-tracking Instrument at a Low-Altitude in the Sky,” was conducted by researchers from McGill University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

The wind gauge used is a low-altitude balloon with a “polarized polarizer.”

A small “lamp” is mounted to the balloon and is used to measure winds.

The “luminescent wind” is a “battery” of high-frequency oscillators that is used in measuring wind speed and acceleration.

The instrument was designed using 3D computer modeling and simulation.

“The lens is a combination of a laser and an array of optics, so it can be mounted on any surface, but we have focused on a balloon in order to get the most accurate wind-speed measurements possible,” says lead author Jens Schoenholtz, a post-doctoral researcher at McGill.

The balloon was designed to measure an air mass at 30 meters altitude.

It has a diameter of 50 centimeters (20 inches) and a length of 35 meters (100 feet).

The instrument consists of a two-meter-tall (10.6-foot) balloon and a small, “luminous” wind gauge attached to the top of the balloon.

The lens measures the direction and speed of the sun, as measured by the reflective surface of the cloud layers.

This is an important feature for climate models, as a sun that is too low can disrupt the cloud-top temperature of a region, which can have devastating consequences for weather patterns.

In order to measure this type of wind information, the team was able to use an instrument that is a laser at an extremely high power.

At low temperatures, the lasers energy can be measured very accurately.

In the extreme ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, the laser can detect up to 1.4 microseconds per photon.

In contrast, the high-power laser is used at very high power, which causes its energy to decay in the ultraviolet and near-infrared.

The laser can also be used to record the speed of a large body of water, which is also important for climate modeling.

“In order to capture the temperature and humidity of a cloud layer, the lens will be mounted high up on a high-altitudes balloon, which means the laser will be positioned very close to the cloud layer,” says Shoenholts, “In addition, this instrument will be able to be mounted at the very top of a balloon, where the temperature will be lower, and therefore, it will be much more accurate.”

Schoenstein explains that wind measurements in a balloon are particularly difficult due to the low temperatures and the very high-energy laser power used.

This results in a “difficulty” to measure at a distance, as the light energy is absorbed and dissipated into space.

This type of measurement is also a challenge for a high precision wind measurement instrument.

Schönholts says that the lens-tracking system is the first one to be built in this way and that it is a very interesting and innovative technique that will be useful for many different climate models.

“This new method will allow for future research into wind measurement and climate models,”

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