How to tell if your smartphone is charging

When you first glance at your phone’s screen, you’ll see a display with information that’s usually labeled with a charge indicator.

But what you’ll not see is the battery indicator itself.

Most smartphone batteries are actually designed to show the current state of the battery.

But there are a few situations where the battery may not display that information.1.

When you’re walking in the parkA charge indicator will be on the bottom right of your screen.

The yellow area indicates a battery level indicator.

You’ll also see the amount of power being drained in that area, and how much that battery is able to keep up with.

For example, if your phone is charging at a high level, you should see the yellow battery level indicating that it’s charging.

If your phone doesn’t have a high battery level, it will still be showing that level.2.

When the sun is shiningA battery indicator will also be on top of the screen.

In this case, the battery level will be red and the charging status will be green.

If the battery is charging normally, you may not see that green indicator at all.

If, however, the sun starts shining, the orange indicator will flash.

You can also see how much charge is left in that battery by holding the power button and tapping the “charge” icon.3.

When your phone overheatsA blue indicator will appear on top, along with the battery charge indicator, and you’ll also be able to see how quickly the battery can be charged.

If you’re concerned about overheating, it’s important to know that your phone should only charge up to a certain level when it’s fully charged.

A phone that is charging too quickly will cause your battery to overheat.

If it overheats, you can quickly turn off the phone and try to charge it again.

If that doesn’t work, you will need to power down the phone.

If there’s still a battery indicator, but the battery isn’t charging, you won’t see it.4.

When a charging battery is fully chargedA charge level indicator will only show the amount you can currently see on the screen, not the actual charge rate.

In addition, a battery will only charge a certain amount when it is fully drained.

For instance, if you’re charging at the same level that the battery was charging, but you’re not able to charge your phone to the same amount, the charging indicator will show the lowest charging level.

You will also notice a battery percentage, which shows how much battery you’re currently using.5.

When an over-heating battery is detectedA battery level indication will also show when you’re at the highest charge level that you can see on your phone screen.

When it’s not possible to charge a phone as fast as it should, you might notice that your battery indicator doesn’t flash.

That means that you’re probably at the lower charging battery level.

If this is the case, you probably need to recharge your phone.

In order to do that, you need to turn the phone off and then quickly turn it back on.6.

When charging a smartphone over a long timeA battery status indicator will blink red when it has reached a certain charge level, and green when the battery has reached the highest charging level that it can currently show on the display.

You might also see a battery charge percentage, indicating how much the battery should be charged at the current time.

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