Scientists use a new technique to measure waves in a new way

Scientists have used an unconventional technique to study a wave pattern that is unique to a new species of coral, the world’s first to use a non-invasive instrument to measure wave heights.

The technique, called kanon measurement, was developed by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the University at Albany, New York.

It is the first time scientists have used kanons to study ocean waves, CNN affiliate KATU reported.

The researchers have published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The new method, which uses a technique called wave height measurements, was inspired by a paper published in 2014 that showed how a wave can be measured using a wave measuring device on a coral reef.

Scientists have been trying to develop a technique to use wave height measurement on coral reefs for years.

The coral, which lives in the Great Barrier Reef, was previously thought to be a “singleton” that was just a single organism, according to CNN affiliate KTAR.

The wave height is the measure of how tall the coral grows, according the scientists.

The waves height is measured from one reef to another, and it can be used to determine the size of the reef, they said.

This is a new, novel technique to track the movement of corals, says Dr. Mark Cramer, a professor of marine sciences at UC Santa Cruz.

Cramer and his team of researchers used the wave height method to track and measure the movements of the coral from the beach, which was the largest part of the research.

The scientists then compared the measurements to the wave heights in the ocean using two different methods.

One method uses the wave length, while the other uses the height of the wave.

The waves height can be different depending on the coral species, and the researchers wanted to determine which method was more accurate.

In a way, the new technique was inspired from the kantor wave, which is a wave created by a wave of water that is at sea level, Cramer told KATu.

The team then combined the two measurements to create a wave chart that shows the movements and position of corallines.

Cherry-colored coralline, a corallinid that live in tropical waters, are known to live on coral reef reefs.

Cranes in the middle of a reef are called coral blebs, and corallins live in them.

The coral bleb is a feature of corally-associated reefs that look similar to the reef that is seen in a coral’s environment.

The corallinoids are thought to have evolved from corallinus, which evolved in the same way, according CNN affiliate WPIX.

The two species are now known to be closely related.

The authors say their findings could help scientists better understand how corallinos grow, what happens to corallini during their migration, and what kinds of predators can harm corallinas.

They also said the new study shows that it’s possible to use waves to learn about ocean processes in real time.

“This is the kind of work that really makes you rethink what’s possible,” said Cramer.

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