Dishwasher detergent: Why is it different from other detergents?

A dishwasher detergency made from a chemical called dichloromethane, or DCM, that is less than 0.5 percent of the weight of the dishwasher itself, is much more effective at killing bacteria than regular detergent.

It’s also a lot more expensive, at about $1 per pound, compared with the cost of other household detergants.

The chemicals used to make the dishwashing detergent are called polypropylene (PP) and phenoxyethanol (PE).

They are commonly used in industrial products such as rubber-tipped foam, plastics, and ceramics, and are widely used in home and commercial kitchen cleaners, according to the American Chemical Society.

But unlike other detergent manufacturers, these chemicals are classified as hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency, meaning that they can be dangerous if they end up in the environment.

The chemical used in dishwasher products, called DICM-16, is more dangerous than regular DICMs, according the American Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

“This chemical is more toxic than the ones that are already out there,” said Chris Wysocki, a chemical safety expert at the University of Florida.

Wysocksi is also the co-founder of The Chemical Guys, a company that provides quality laboratory tests and products for home, commercial, and industrial customers.

“The biggest concern about the DEHP is that the levels in your body can be so high that it can lead to cancer and all sorts of diseases,” Wysokski said.

“And that’s a problem that is being ignored.”

Dishwasher chemicals in general are not the only chemicals in dishwashers that have been found to cause cancer.

Other chemicals in household products include the common household bleach, ammonia, and chlorine.

While chemicals like chlorine and ammonia may be used in household cleaners, they are also commonly used to bleach laundry detergences and cleaning products.

WYSOCKI said some companies may be selling dishwasher-based detergients to people who do not understand what they are doing and who may not even know they use the chemicals.

“They’re trying to make a buck by selling you these chemicals that are potentially harmful,” WYSocksi said.

But the problem with many dishwasher chemicals is that they do not have a safe level of toxicity for people who use them, and even if they do, they don’t have the information to help people decide what level of exposure to them they should be taking.

According to a 2015 study, the level of chlorinated hydrochloride in dishwashing soap is about 10 times the amount of chloramine, or the most common of the chlorinated chemicals, that are commonly found in household detergent.

The EPA does not have any estimates on the number of people who could be exposed to chlorinated HC, but according to a study from the University in Chicago, it could be hundreds of thousands of people, according that study.

The amount of chlorine in dish detergens is less toxic than that of regular detergent and can be used for almost anything in the kitchen.

But even if the amount used to wash your dishes is the same, the amount you use to wash them could be different, and some people may not be aware of the different levels of chlorination.

In addition to the health problems, some people who might be allergic to the chemicals are more likely to develop serious reactions, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and skin reactions.

Even if your dishwasher has a low concentration of the chemicals in it, some chemicals, such in the polypropene, can actually be toxic to people if they are used with other household chemicals, which may have harmful effects on the body.

It is important to understand the different chemicals in a dishwasher before buying, because many people use different dishwasher cleaning products, said Wysoski.

“You should buy dishwasher cleaners that are made from the same chemicals, and that is what they should have in your kitchen,” Wesokski told IGN.

“There are a lot of different chemicals out there, so you shouldn’t buy a dishwashing chemical that has a lot in it that is not in your dishwashing.”

For more on dishwasher health and safety, visit IGN’s health and hygiene section.

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