Computer and measuring equipment supplier says it will keep producing machines for a ‘long time’

A computer and measuring instruments supplier is staying in business despite the end of its relationship with Apple after more than five years of business.

DigitalMarkets Australia says it expects to keep making digital counting equipment for customers, and says it is still sourcing its machines for other customers.

The company’s chief executive Paul Mott said it was a matter of priorities.

“We wanted to be very transparent about where our money went and what the products and services we do for customers have to do,” Mr Mott told reporters.

“So we’ve been making a conscious decision not to re-up our suppliers.”

DigitalMarketing Australia, based in Sydney, was founded in 2007 and makes measuring and digital digital counting machines.

In 2014, it bought a software and measuring unit supplier to supply counting machines for an Australian market.

“It’s very difficult for us to find suppliers who are really good at what they do and who understand the industry and who want to be involved in the market,” Mr Tinsley said.

“I think that we’re really good partners to the industry.”

When you have a good partner, you have great products.

“The company is also supplying digital counting machine makers with software to help them design their products.

Digital Markets Australia is the only manufacturer in Australia who can produce its own machines and software.”

As a business, we’re focused on being a good value for money and we’ve got a fantastic range of products,” Mr Ritchie said.

Mr Ritchie says the company is working on making more machines to be used by its customers.”

The machines are a little bit cheaper than other machines because the software is a little more flexible and more reliable,” he said.

But the firm says it does not plan to go back to making its own counting machines any time soon.”

If we do have to reorder it, it’s going to be for the next couple of years,” he told reporters at the company’s Sydney headquarters.”

For the future, I’m sure we’ll continue to make some machines for customers and I think it’s just about being flexible and having good margins.

“Mr Ricks said he had not been able to say whether the company would continue to sell its machines.

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