Aura measuring instrument discovered in Antarctica

An ancient measuring instrument has been found at the base of the ice-covered Mount Rainier.

The discovery is the latest in a string of discoveries made by the Ice Age Aura Survey.

The device measures the amount of sunlight entering a detector, and its unique design means it can be easily used to measure the amount and intensity of sunlight that comes in through the vents of the instrument.

The instrument, built by the University of Utah, has been collecting measurements from Mount Rainiers vents since the 1980s.

The detector, which measures the intensity of light entering the vent, is built around a glass tube measuring about 20 inches across and 1.5 inches deep.

Scientists hope it will eventually be used to monitor the environment around Mount Rainy, a peak in the Antarctic Peninsula.

The detector is powered by an electric generator, and the tubes have to be rotated to collect light.

The team is now trying to find out more about the instrument, but they said they expect it will be well used in the future.

The instrument was found at Mount Rainmore in Utah by an amateur who noticed it sitting atop a ridge of snow and ice.

The hole in the glass tube is where the instrument sits on top of the snow, so it could potentially collect sunlight if there is snow on the other side.

“It’s a pretty neat instrument,” said Kevin McAlpine, an archaeologist at the University the University, and one of the authors of a paper describing the discovery.

Scientists have found a number of ancient measuring instruments.

One of the most popular ones, the Roman-era Stolichoum, was discovered in Sicily, but its purpose was unclear.

The researchers at Utah are hoping the new instrument will help them find other measuring instruments that were used in ancient times.

It is likely that the detector used in this study is a more advanced version of the Stolichoum, the scientists said.

The Stolicheum was built around three measuring tubes, which would make it a much larger instrument.

The researchers said the instrument is expected to be used for several decades.

This discovery comes just a week after a team from the University was able to identify a previously undiscovered, 4,000-year-old Egyptian measuring device.

The new instrument, found in a cave in Egypt, was the only one in a series that scientists were able to find at a cave site near Giza.

The team found the new measurement instrument during a research expedition in Egypt.

The cave was sealed off to protect the instrument from water, so no one could see what was inside, said James M. Jones, a professor of geology at the Utah State University and lead author of the paper about the new device.

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